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Loans on Treasuries and Stock Portfolios:

One of the programs that we often use in combination with other loan programs, is our loans on portfolios -- generating needed down payment (or other required) monies, but with minimal disruption to the overall holder's portfolio. Many times, stocks, bonds, treasuries, are well and place, and the borrower doesn't want to move these funds; yet could benefit from some additional cash. We have two or three resources for this, but the principle of this is that they will loan against the value of the portfolio -- while you retain full ownership of it. So, the portfolio and its appreciation (or depreciation) remains yours.

These are fast loans, with minimal paperwork; and the percent lent is based on the quality of the portfolio -- with Treasuries being the highest percent. Again, these are just pledged, and not transferred. And the loan is based on this form of equity -- often bringing in needed funds through this creative, additional format.

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