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Commercial Lending:

Commercial lending is my own personal passion: Perhaps it's because I come from a long family line of business people. And perhaps it's because I understand that commerce is the engine that drives everything: the economy, societal productivity and well-being. Everything. In an environment where we see banks contracting significantly in their lending, we still have the resources to fill that gap -- and are doing it every day of the week.

We can fill the void between the local commercial bank with its slow approvals, rigid terms, zero follow-up and restrictive criteria, and the "hard money" lenders who will give you 15%+ rates. In fact, we will help structure the deal and can often get the loan approved with banks and lenders that you would be unable to get done. Plus, we are now correspondent lenders with several national banks--which means better pricing for you and your clients.


Loan Types and Requirements:

Recent loans closed:

Commercial / Multifamily Apartment
We have significant experience in the commercial mortgage business. As a leader we are able to provide funding avenues for a wide variety of commercial scenarios as well as underwrite loans for small and large apartment complexes.

Please notice below the range we have for commercial mortgages that enable us to meet the lending needs of a variety of borrowers.

One or more individuals, Corporation, Limited Liability Company, General or Limited Partnership, Joint Venture, Trust

..Real Estate Collateral:
Multi-family apartment project, Income Producing, e.g., office, shopping centers, industrial complexes, parking lots, Owner occupied building, Raw Land

5- year balloon with 10- year amortization, 10- year balloon with 15- year amortization, 15-year balloon with 20 year, etc.

Again, as a leader in the commercial mortgage business, we have the experience and expertise to structure loans to meet your company's lending needs.


$309,000 Start-up Working Capital Loan -- Kinnelon, NJ
This was working capital for a business start up performing energy audits for the state of NJ. If you are a small business and you need cash, we have many ways to get you the cash you need from factoring to working capital loans and everything in between.
$1,600,000 Day Care Purchase -- Atlanta, GA
This borrower sat in process for four months (with probably the largest bank in the country) before being denied. They came to us in dire straits, as the SBA was in the process of foreclosing on the sellers; and if the property did not get approved, it was going to the courthouse steps. We got a quick approval, held off foreclosure, and got this qualified borrower an excellent daycare at well under market value.
$118,000 Self-Directed IRA Loan -- Noblesville, IN
This was an IRA loan, rolling the borrowers IRA into an LLC that is giving him the downpayment money to start a Firehouse Subs franchise -- for the opening of a new business!
$40,000 Merchant Accounts Receivables Deal -- Sacramento, CA
Borrower was an auto repair shop that needed quick cash. And traditional sources were not an option. We were able to get them $40,000 in two weeks, based on their monthly credit card volume. These loans typically do not require a minimum credit score, and there is usually no income qualifying. We simply look at their average monthly credit card volume and can loan them up to one times that amount in cash. There are generally no restrictions on use of the money, and may be the quickest and simplest loan available on the market today.
$2,100,000 Ace Hardware Purchase -- Lawrenceville GA
This was a real estate and business purchase of an existing Ace Hardware. The highly qualified borrower had been denied by both his local bank and a Top 5 National bank. We completed this quickly on an SBA 7A loan.
$8,500,000 Church Construction -- Katy, TX
In the very challenging area of church loans, an expanding church needed money to build a new sanctuary. We were able to get them the very best church rates around -- with 30 year amortization!
No-Doc business loans -- anywhere.
Up to $400,000 with a new Private Money Fund. All we need to get started is proof of the value with a recent appraisal (including one already done for someone else), and a credit report with a one page loan proposal summary. This must be in first lien position only, with 65% LTV; and the credit of 680 or better, with no recent mortgage lates. As long as we have that, the loan is approvable. These are short term money: 1-2 years, interest only. So, it requires a plan for refinancing or selling by that end term, for payoff purposes. But the money can be used for any purpose-personal debt consolidation, anything.
If it passes credit committee, after a visit to the site with the borrower, if all is fine, we fund it 2-3 weeks from start to finish. Upfront fees are typically as low as $2500 for the site visit, etc.


Small Business Loans
We will underwrite and process Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) and SBA 504 loans. The provisions of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act shall apply to all applicants for loans submitted under these government guaranteed loan programs. There shall be no discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, marital status, handicap or national origin.

It is our goal to facilitate a quick funding on all (SBA) loan requests. Additionally, we offer the following advantages:
-- Competitive rates and terms
-- Purchase or refinance of commercial real-estate, with cash out permitted
-- SBA-guaranteed fee can be financed in most cases
-- Loans size starting from 100,000 to $10,000,000

Church Financing
Finding church lenders can be a very frustrating and time-consuming process. Well, we stand ready to take that burden away from the borrower. Nationally we are tied into a host of church lenders. That enables us to arrange church loans from $400,000 to $20,000,000.These loans could be for new construction, major renovations, purchasing existing facilities, land acquisition and the refinancing of existing loans.

We provide accounting and consulting services to help churches obtain their financing for the construction of their project. Additionally, as a result of having in-house underwriters, we have a thorough understanding of how to structure church loans.

While church financing can be frustrating, your organization can go through the process nearly hassle free by allowing us to arrange the financing for your church.

Multi-Use Financing...
Property Types:
Commercial, Industrial Office, Medical / Dental Office, Industrial Condo, Warehouse, Industrial Office, Mixed Use Commercial and Residential, Mixed Retail w/Office, Light Manufacturing & Industrial
Loan Types:
Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance
Loan Amount:
$100,000 - $3,500,000
90% for Owner-Occupied (SBA 504) / 65% for Non-SBA, Refinance and Cash-Out Refinance
20-25 Year Amortization
No Balloon Payment
Simple Documentation


Non-Recourse Commercial Financing...
Property types:
Apartment Complexes, Self Storage Facilities, Shopping Centers, Mobile Home Parks
Loan Proceeds :
Acquisition, Refinance, Cash-out
Greater than $1 Million
Fast Close:
45-60 Days
Debt Service Coverage:
65% - 75%
25 - 30 Years
Fixed Rate @ 6.0% - 7.9%
Lender Points:
The appearance is not a factor for approval. However, the property MUST be cash flowing. Local and regional banks can NOT match these terms.

Contact us, and see what we can do for you.

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