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About Us:

Don Chinnici understands business. Raised in a business family employing three hundred fifty people--in a business started from scratch--he understands the needs of business. He also opened his own first business (restaurant) at age 17; and by age 19 concurrently owned two additional food businesses, including rental real estate. He is also a student of business: what makes businesses succeed -- and not.

Don Chinnici began his career as a "green eyeshade" guy. With a degree in Accounting from the University of Delaware, and an early career in public accounting, he was exposed to the range of financial needs of business and individuals.

After that initial year in public accounting, Don returned to post-graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania, and Bryn Mawr College; and was later accepted for PhD work at medical school. Alternatively, he opened a travel related business in Philadelphia, processing travel visas at the various foreign consulates in New York and Washington DC. After selling this business, he taught high school Math and Physics for ten years; and later moved to Southwestern Florida.

After a successful five years in sales, returning to the focus of financial disciplines, Don pursued a career in lending; first in Florida residential (with the first residential deal being a $200 million commercial deal), and shortly afterward, turned fully to commercial. Throughout this varied career, Don has come to understand the interrelated aspects of the various financial components — and has gained the ability to advise his clients through the perspective of several disciplines. His communicative and analytical skills are strong; and you may expect that he'll ask questions about your business, structuring the loan and application in such a way that it will be most appealing to a lender.

Don is a devout Christian, and has a desire to plant (and pastor) a Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Sarasota, FL. In his spare time, he enjoys gourmet cooking, and is an avid triathlete.

Most importantly, Don is passionate about helping businesses to find the cash they need for operations and expansion. It is only through the financing of this segment of the economy that we have any hope for our future.