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Commercial Finance

Chinnici Capital specializes in commercial finance: financial lending for business. We have a very wide variety of programs with an extensive number of lender resources of over 300+ different banks, institutions, and private lenders, each with its own area of specialty. So whatever your area of need, we can certainly help. We are actively and currently funding for a wide variety of needs.

We have been personally involved in loans from $50k to $100 million, and are comfortable in all of that range. With resources from SBA loans to Private Money, to Wall Street Conduit (very large money deals), take a look at our Programs in the links above for an idea of our specialties. --And these are just a small portion of programs we can do, so contact us with your questions. For a printable version, for your desktop reference, click here.

We also are a member of a larger organization that comprises one of the largest Commercial Lending institutions in the country. This enables us to roundtable with any deals not easily structured, where we can usually respond to you, within hours, with a strong set of suggestions (with specific lender leads). If we can't finance your deal, it almost certainly can't be done. We're here to help you!

Finally, let us tell you a bit about why this is our passion: Although you'll see more detail in the About Us page, we believe that business is the engine that makes the entire world turn -- and continue to turn. In an economic environment where banks and other financial institutions are beginning to tighten up on their lending, such has been the cause of every single financial downturn in the history of this country. We stand to assist you to do what you do best: generate jobs and productivity. And it's our passion to do so. Where banks are pulling back on lending, we are still actively lending, with billions of dollars to deploy.